Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Project At Last!

The time has finally come! Today we had our first semi-official meeting about our next short film, tentatively titled "Liza". It'll be an interesting adventure. This is the first film I'm directing that I haven't written myself, and I'm anxious to see how I handle that. There are a few effects shots that are going to be tricky, and a scene in a public location that will require me to do some location scouting. Acquiring locations makes me nervous. But hey, that's why I need to learn it!

One thing that I'm trying to do better on this film, throughout the entire process, is scheduling. Organization is not one of my strongest areas, so on this film I've decided that this will be a focal point. Over the course of our last two short films I've tried to focus on different aspects of filmmaking to perfect in each effort. The first, "Toys For Sarah," was a general attempt at grasping the concept of making a movie. On our second, "The Laughing Boy," we focused on sound recording and overall planning during shooting. On this one, I'm wanting to aim our attention at lighting and organization, while continuing to perfect our sound recording. I'm hoping that by tackling these different aspects of movie making I'll be ready to take on a feature length film within a few years.

Well, there's the blog update. Just wanted to let the people of the blogging world know that I am stil, in fact, alive.

Peace out.