Friday, November 6, 2009

Introduction and Intentions

Here I am, a virgin blogger making my first mark in the blogging universe. I suppose I ought to give an introduction and explain my intentions for this blog, for the benefit of all three people who will end up reading it. My name is Luke. I make short films as a hobby. My hope is that one day this hobby will expand into a career, in one form or another. I am also a horror movie afficionado and horror memorabilia collector (not necessarily a "fanatic", but close).
As far as this blog goes, I intend to write about the no budget indie filmmaking experience, from every angle I can think of. I do this because when I started out, about three years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about filmmaking. I really didn't know how to even start learning about the movie making process. All the books I would scan were using terminology that I didn't understand, and spoke of equipment that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on with my level of income. So, with the limited information that was useful to me, I set out to make a short film with nothing more than a middle-of-the-road consumer camcorder, a voice recorder, friends, family, and enthusiasm. The short film we made, "Toys For Sarah," ended up placing second in a small, local short fim festival. The movie is far, far from perfect (I still can't stop from cringing when I watch it) but the fact that we made it into a festival made me realize it can be done, even with sub-par equipment. So, having said all that, with this blog I want to talk about the extreme basics of film production, sound design, lighting, editing, searching out film festivals, etc. I hope that as I learn the ins and outs of filmmaking, I can share them with other beginners like myself, and maybe learn tips from readers. (Note: I use the term "film" a lot, though I have never worked with actual film. Technically, what I do is video making, not film making, but film making just sounds more appropriate. Video making sounds like I make music videos, or porn...)
Another subject I'm sure I'll devote some time to is horror films, and music. For better or worse, these forms of art have a huge impact on my life. So for anyone interested in horror movies, heavy music, or strange music, you might find some interesting insights here.
Well, there's the introduction. If you're reading this, welcome to the blog and I hope you drop by again. I'll try to keep it interesting!

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