Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Music For Film Projects!

I was referred to a website by a friend that is similar to the CDBaby website I wrote about a while ago. This new music website is called Jamendo, and contains all kinds of bands that you've never heard of before. The quality of the music is hit or miss, but mostly hit. I've found several great songs that I could imagine using in our productions. To my knowledge all songs are free to download.

The most exciting thing about this website, however, is that songs can be purchased for use in projects using Jamendo Pro. From my initial investigation into this, it seems that the rights to use the songs are pretty inexpensive, but vary depending on what your project is. You are asked to explain your project, and a price is generated from your project specifications. An example shown on the website, for use in a no-budget short film, is a price of around $12 per song. That type of pricing, coupled with the fantastic overall quality of music to rummage through, makes this (seemingly) a great resource for low-budget indie filmmaking. Worth a serious look, at least!

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